Level 3 - Lessons 1-2-3: PLAY - GIVE - BECOME

Welcome to Level 3!

You are doing a great job: Now you can read and understand 30 verbs and 450 Phrases in Portuguese, it's time to improve your SPEAKING.

That's a huuuuuge progress! ;-)

On this Level of One Minute Portuguese, you will take the verbs and sentences from Levels 1 & 2 and read all of them aloud.

By doing so, you will develop two skills at the same time:

  • You will keep improving your reading and listening skills, by increasing the level of input. I mean, more and more Portuguese entering through your eyes and years.
  • You will start producing some output, as you practice your Pronunciation as well.

As you perform all these activities simultaneously, you will get ready to really communicate in Portuguese in a near future. You will be more confident to use the language in real life situations.

So, let's dive right here. You know that the water is deep enough. =D

Action Item:

  1. Practice your pronunciation by reading aloud all the phrases from Level 1 & Level 2.

I know it is a hard task, so take your time to do it at your own pace. When you finish, hit 'complete and continue' and move on. You're doing great!