Level 1 - Lessons 1-2-3: DRINK - EAT - LIKE

Welcome to Level 1, the first of six levels here in One Minute Portuguese that will help you speak Portuguese from scratch without studying grammar.

Below, you will find three videos with fifteen phrases each.

Practice your reading by watching the videos until you understand all the phrases in Portuguese.

You can dowload the transcript of the videos to read along. Then, start with the first action item.
You can complete this stage in a week or two. If you need more time, go at your own pace. What is important is that you set aside time within your calendar each day to make progress through this course.

After you complete the action item, click 'complete and continue', and move on to the next step!

Action Item:

  1. In the Discussion section below, practice your Portuguese by sharing three phrases about yourself. You can use the vocabulary from this lessons and include new words. Example: 1. Eu gosto de beber suco de uva. 2. Eu como pão todo dia. 3. Eu gosto de falar português.

When you complete the action item, hit 'complete and continue', and I'll see you in the next step! ;-)